Get Oxygen Every Day for only 2 mil per month! Learn More
Get Oxygen Every Day for only 2 mil per month! Learn More


Optimally deliver oxygen to the 30 trillion cells in your body by exercising just 15 minutes a day to help transform your fitness and overall wellbeing.


Boost O2 exclusively uses the patented LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system which is the current state of the art in oxygen training technology. With over 50 years of research leading to this point, Boost O2 training provides a safe and effective way to increase your body's oxygen uptake.


Boost O2 training will help keep you feeling and looking your best. Learn how to use the LiveO2 system with an Oxygen Coach then continue your training via monthly membership or with one – on – one personal coaching.


Oxygenating all 30 trillion cells in your body allows you to feel better and think clearer. Experience everything from more energy, higher immunity, anti-aging and faster recovery, to higher mental focus.


Boost O2 training is designed to increase oxygen uptake and assist people dealing with a wide range of chronic conditions. The power of breathing higher oxygen purity with light exercise, tailored for each client’s particular condition, means improved wellness for people of all ages and health conditions.


Boost O2 training enhances your body's oxygen to keep you looking and feeling your best. Boosting the amount of oxygenated blood flow to your skin keeps you healthy, vibrant, and glowing.


Boost O2 training uses a combination of altitude simulation and oxygen training to unlock levels of performance and recovery otherwise unachievable. Top Athletes throughout the world are using Adaptive Contrast to crush their workout and take their game to the next level.

Maximum Energy

Imagine feeling a renewed energy from the moment you wake up. LiveO2 can give you the physical and mental boost you’ve been looking for. No caffeine needed here.


Faster Recovery

When you’re exhausted or fatigued, you know how breathing in good, clean oxygen can make you feel. 4x oxygen purity and see what happens.


Mental Clarity

LiveO2 can do as much good for your mental state as your physical wellbeing. Mental wellness is vital to living better. Feeling a little foggy? See things more clearly with 93% oxygen purity, and let the rest go to your head.


Boost My O2

Stronger Immunity

Maintaining a strong immune system is critical to staying well, especially today. LiveO2 oxygen can give your immunity a head start in the right direction.


Deeper Sleep

A good day isn’t possible without a good night’s sleep. LiveO2 customers report sleeping more soundly for longer hours and feeling better when they wake up – a direct result of higher oxygen purity.

Better Endurance

Endurance is critical to everyone (not just athletes) to get through the ups and downs of daily life. In only a short time, you can discover better mental and physical stamina from exercising while breathing LiveO2 oxygen.

Minute Sessions

% Pure O2

Liter Intake

Restored You

Part of a Proven System

“I have been amazed at the gains and improvements our clients experience when they routinely embrace LiveO2 training.

LiveO2 is an active workout that enhances oxygen delivery. This brilliant technology allows us to guide clients through cardiovascular exercises while supporting them with enhanced oxygenation.

It does not take long to see improved performance, endurance, and post-exercise recovery. Our clients report feeling energized and alive after training with LiveO2.

LiveO2 training improves the lives of those who exercise! Anyone interested in optimizing health needs to experience the magic of LiveO2.“

Randy Vawdrey, MSN, APRN, NP-C.
Chief Medical Officer
A Mind For All Seasons

Boost My O2


“At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole process and just how it could benefit me as a professional athlete. After 2 sessions I was soon proven to eat my thoughts. Boost O2 was fantastic for me. It gave me more energy, helped me recover from tough training sessions quicker and on the whole gave me a much healthier feeling in my body for day to day life. I cannot speak highly enough about Boost O2.”

Adam Mitter

Football Player
Boost My O2


“Boost O2 oxygen training has been great. After 6 weeks I have noticed considerable improvements in my stamina and endurance. My recovery is quicker with less muscle soreness. I’ve lost weight, especially the visceral fat around my belly. I sleep better and my immune system feels strong. Overall, I feel really healthy!“

Dr. James Buist

Boost My O2


“After my first session I felt lighter and ‘oxygenated’ with my energy level up and a clear head. After eight sessions I am sleeping through the night which I rarely did in the past few years and have consistently higher energy level throughout the day... In today’s toxic environment my plan is to continue avenging the toxins and breathing my way to better mental and physical health, through LiveO2.”

Karen Davis

Artist and Writer


Boost O2’s revolutionary approach to improving your fitness and health is all about working smarter not harder. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at turning oxygen into energy. We counter this by supercharging your workouts with enhanced oxygen training. The future of fitness is here, join us to start training today!

Are you ready to feel optimized?

Learn how to use the patented LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast oxygen training system with an O2 Coach and continue your training with monthly membership of only 2mil IDR.

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