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Oxygen Training – How Safe Is It?

Is Oxygen Training Safe?

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29 December 2020
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Reasons Why Oxygen Multistep Therapy is Safe

Oxygen Multistep Therapy (OMST) has been in continuous use in Europe for 30+ years with virtually no safety issues. Safety results from oxygen use well within established safety limits. In simple terms, the system capacity for LiveO2 and ExtremeO2 simply cannot deliver enough oxygen for long enough to be harmful. Following are some key features of the program:

  • The system only holds enough oxygen to deliver rich oxygen for approximately 15 minutes. Breathing pure oxygen for more than 12 hours is required to produce oxidative lung damage. This is a 48:1 safety margin.

  • Other variants that deliver prolonged oxygen limit flow to less than 60% oxygen concentration that produces no lung damage regardless of duration.

When Is Oxygen Harmful?

To better understand how the LiveO2 system ensures safety, let’s first look at different harmful oxygen exposures. Oxygen related harm only occurs under extreme circumstances:

  1. When a respiratory mixture of pure oxygen is used for more than 12 hours at 1 atmosphere

  2. When a respiratory mixture of pure oxygen is used for shorter periods - as tested at 19+ atmospheres.

Oxygen toxicity never occurs when respiratory mixtures less than 60% are used at 1 atmosphere

You can also find more comprehensive information about the safety-related to oxygen by looking at the following links:

LiveO2 system or Oxygen Multistep Therapy is designed keeping all these conditions in mind. They cannot produce high enough oxygen levels for a long enough period to produce oxygen toxicity.

Oxygen Toxicity

In 1947, the British military discovered that oxygen could be toxic as a result of underwater research. This was the same research that discovered that Nitrogen (78% of air) caused Nitrogen Narcosis.         

This research determined that highly concentrated oxygen, 18 times the normal concentration, which is impossible to obtain without military-grade equipment or deep diving, produces oxygen poisoning.

  • Ardenne’s OMST protocols use oxygen at a far less concentration than these levels and have never been reported to cause harm or produce oxygen toxicity symptoms in any person. Athletic protocols have over a 75% safety margin, and non-athletic protocols have a 95% safety margin.
    Further details about the protocols can be found on this link.

LiveO2 Trainings’ Safety Framework

Due to extensive experience and research, LiveO2 is well versed in the risks and safety concerns around oxygen therapy and their oxygen training protocols stay well within the safe usage guidelines. Some people experience discomfort at the start of training that is not due to oxygen toxicity but rather usually attributed to a detox effect.

The Detox Effect 

Detoxification and Herxheimer’s reactions are common but uncomfortable responses of improved immunological performance from LiveO2 training. In general, the detox effects tend to be more pronounced during the early LiveO2 training sessions. Clients who have a high risk of detox will be placed on a program with a slower progression, which will lower the likelihood of discomfort. 

While a pronounced detox is considered a positive effect of LiveO2 training - the body is clearing itself of harmful substances - it may make the user feel uncomfortable after training. This may encourage or discourage continued use of the system. 

The first time protocol has been designed to take these positive and negative expectations into account. It is the right place to start for just about everyone, regardless of fitness level.

Most Common Signs of Detox

To help you familiarize yourself with the effects of the detoxification on the body, we have listed some common effects below:

  • Unusual body/breath odors

  • Elevated heart rate post-workout 

  • Flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, chills, fatigue)

  • Prickly Heat/Night sweats

  • Jitters post-workout


According to the research documentation, oxygen toxicity effects cannot occur with Oxygen Multistep Therapy or LiveO2 systems - because they cannot produce high enough levels of oxygen for a long enough period of time to produce these effects.


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