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Testing of the Neurocognitive LiveO2 System

LiveO2 Neurocognitive Testing

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29 December 2020
Category: Recovery
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If you find yourself in a state of cognitive decline due to brain injury or general aging, it can be challenging to accept the lack of support options. Solutions such as hyperbaric can be effective but are overly expensive, requiring around 30 hours of confinement in a high-pressure chamber at an average cost of $10,000.

However, affordable options are available! Pairing neurocognitive testing with Oxygen Multistep Therapy has proven to be an affordable and effective treatment for cognitive decline. In order to observe the effects of the combination, Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne decided to conduct research.


Using Neurocognitive Testing To Improve Results

In Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne’s clinical research, he was able to show significant improvements to cognition when administering a neurocognitive test before and after Oxygen Multistep Therapy. To better understand the significance of the research, let’s first explore the core findings.


This paper reported the process of measuring mental performance before and after oxygen multistep therapy (O2-MT) in 59 test subjects. The computer-assisted test results were compared with the results of 14 control patients who did not receive O2-MT. Results showed a significant 0.4-0.7 sec. increase in present duration and a 1.4-1.9 bit/sec. increase in information assimilation ability, thus resulting in an increase of sensory memory capacity by 19-23%. The times for accomplishing tasks involving perception, interference, and reaction improved significantly by 12-18%. 

You can also access comprehensive details about the research by checking out the Increasing Mental Performance with Oxygen Multistep Therapy study.


LiveO2’s Neurocognitive Testing Program

Inspired by the results of Von Ardenne, LiveO2’s own neurocognitive testing program was established. LiveO2’s neurocognitive testing program has been designed to give users quantitative data about the working of their brain.

The data obtained from testing before therapy can be used to compare the results post therapy sessions to evaluate the changes to mental performance.

The test uses the latest in research-grade brain testing software, which is convenient and can be taken on your personal or office computer in about 45 minutes. 


What Is Tested

For better accuracy, the LiveO2 program gives relative Scores for 16 different aspects of brain function shown in the image below. 

The results of these tests can be invaluable for tracking your progress. The initial test will establish your baseline scores, and retests will help to show changes in the future.

LiveO2 Brain Study

At LiveO2, we’re currently conducting studies to further develop our protocols. The study is for new users of LiveO2 and allows access to the testing at no charge. There are a limited number of spots for this study, and priority will be given to those with the greatest need. 


Requirements to Participate in the Study

To be able to participate in our latest study, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a cognitive challenge 
  • Have not trained with LiveO2 before. 
  • Be willing to take the initial 45 min online brain test. 
  • Be willing to commit to regular LiveO2 training sessions 5x a week for 2 months. 
  • Be willing to take a brain retest 
  • Be willing to take a post-study survey 

If you meet the testing requirements above, please click this link to fill out your pretest survey. Within 48 hours, you will receive a second email that provides an access code and instructions on taking the actual test. 



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