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How Oxygen Therapy Helps Smokers

Smoker’s Guide to Healing Through Oxygen Therapy

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29 December 2020
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The impact of smoking on health has been studied extensively over the years, and there are countless studies that explain how smoking causes the body to deteriorate.  We all know this. Quitting is the best thing a smoker can do. But quitting is hard. Some are forever trying to quit and some just aren’t ready to quit. That doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel on your health. One way to alleviate some of the negative impact of smoking is through oxygen therapy.

How Does BoostO2 Help?
At BoostO2, our focus is on increasing oxygen delivery to our clients’ tissues so they can enjoy the maximum benefits of its healing properties. In order to increase oxygen delivery to the tissues of the body, we use the Adaptive Contrast (AC) system, a revolutionary equipment for oxygen therapy.

How the Adaptive Contrast  System Works
This equipment alternates the air the client is breathing between enhanced oxygen and depleted oxygen several times during a 15-minute exercise session. The process can be explained in a few short steps:

  • Step 1: Red Blood Cells (RBC) are loaded up with oxygen in the lungs while breathing enhanced oxygen air.
  • Step 2: Oxygen is unloaded from the Red Blood Cells at the tissues while breathing air with depleted oxygen.

Both steps in the training process are equally important for the process to be successful. In step 2, breathing depleted oxygen signals your body to release more oxygen from your RBC’s to your tissues. Throughout the session, you take in much more oxygen than you normally would and a lot more oxygen reaches your tissues.  

Now, let’s explore the cases where oxygen training is more difficult than usual.

Struggles of Training Smokers
We often encounter a pattern when training clients who are smokers. They struggle to release or unload the oxygen from their red blood cells. This makes the results from training take longer than a relatively similar non-smoker. So, why does this phenomenon occur? 

Inside of your red blood cells is hemoglobin, a protein that carries gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout your body. When you smoke, you are breathing in hundreds of known chemicals and carcinogens into your lungs. One of the most harmful gases out of everything being inhaled is carbon monoxide. 

Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Carrying
Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas present in cigarette smoke. When you breathe carbon monoxide into your lungs, it binds to your hemoglobin 250x more readily than oxygen. Each hemoglobin has a limited number of binding sites to carry oxygen throughout your body.

With the carbon monoxide polluting your lungs, your hemoglobin fills up with carbon monoxide 250 times faster than it takes oxygen. This leaves little room for oxygen to be picked up and subsequently transferred to the tissues. 

Trapping of Bound Oxygen
When the hemoglobin in your red blood cells is mostly filled with carbon monoxide, it is very difficult for the small amount of oxygen that did bind to be released. With oxygen tightly bound to the hemoglobin, it remains trapped in the RBC’s and does not reach the tissues.

Imagine an overcrowded train. Suppose you got on board during rush hour. However, you end up in the middle of the train car with a complete web of people all around who won’t be getting off anytime soon. 

When the doors open at your stop, you try to make it through, but before you can even reach them, the doors close, and the train moves on. Thus, you remain trapped, unable to reach your intended destination.

Impact on the Body
How, then, will this affect the body of someone who smokes? Smokers will have much less oxygen delivery through their bodies because of this hijacking of the red blood cells. 

This is evident in many studies that show an increased risk of many diseases in smokers due to the reduced supply of oxygen to their tissues. On average, smokers live 13 years less than non-smokers. 

How Oxygen Therapy Helps Smokers
There are a few ways in which smokers (or even passive smokers) can reduce the risk of disease to their bodies:

  1. Quit smoking or stop exposure to smoke.
  2. Opt for BoostO2’s Oxygen training with Adaptive Contrast. It can help cleanse your blood of carbon monoxide and rapidly restore oxygen delivery throughout your body.

The half-life of carbon monoxide is around 5 hours and, in general, takes around 24 hours to leave your bloodstream, but every time you smoke one cigarette, the clock resets. It is, therefore, important to flush out the carbon monoxide from the system faster to help improve oxygen supply to the body.

Training with BoostO2 can help you speed up the removal of carbon monoxide from your blood 95% faster than normal. This will automatically lead to better oxygenated tissues and improved overall health.

Our top recommendation to you is to stop smoking to avoid the negative impact of smoking on the body. Smoking is hazardous and can cause a number of health concerns that can be avoided if one simply does not smoke. 

However, if you are going to smoke, it is always better to find a way that will help you reduce its negative impact on your body. A Boost O2 program is one of the best things you can do for your health if you continue to smoke.

Making sure tissues get the oxygen they need is essential for your body to remain healthy and well-functioning. The Adaptive Contrast System at BoostO2 will help you to cleanse carbon monoxide from your blood and restore normal oxygen delivery in your body. 

We have ample cases in which oxygen therapy helped a smoker regain their vitality and improve the condition of their body. For more information about oxygen therapy at BoostO2, check out our website to learn more about the way oxygen therapy helps our bodies heal.


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